I am what I am!

I Am What I Am
(written by wordsofwacko) 
I may not be good
But I am not bad.
I may not be happy
But I am not sad.I may not be kind
But I am not cruel.I am not a cheat
But I can try to be loyal.

I may not be honest
But I am not a liar.

I may not be a winner
But I am not a loser.

I may not be your friend
But I won’t be your enemy.

I may not console anyone
But I do show some sympathy.

I may not know how to love
But I don’t know how to hate.

I may not do things before time
But I am never late.

I may not be courageous
But I am not gutless.

Things may be difficult for me
But I am not hopeless.

I never give up on things
Without giving it a try.

Every situation to me is
A do-or-die.

I can’t care much about
How people feel I am.

All that I know is
I am what I am!!!


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