Site for a Cause

At first, I am a bit hesitant to work with my new website project. The site that I am going to create will surely take me to another journey. It is absolutely different from some of those sites that I have created from clients that I met online.

The site will  talks about me and the community that I lived in. It will talk about how my life goes on every day. It could mean dealing

barangay mariblo

Barangay Mariblo Website

closer with my neighbors. It can also be related to my network of friends. what I am pretty sure of is, it will talk about my work and my worthwhile endeavor; but, in the long run,  it would be something different which brings me eagerness to help and strive.

Creating blogs for my little community will make me more popular, but on the other hand, that is not the purpose. Serving and helping people is the true reason behind; it feels good when you are doing something good to others without asking for anything in return.

I am hoping that by finishing Barangay Mariblo Site, somehow… someday…. it could be one way or another to deliver quality and sincere service to my constituents.


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