Hair Fix Disaster at Mixed Salon!

Yesterday became one of my life’s nightmares. I decided to go to Luz Facial Care Center to undergo face cleaning. Thanks to Ms. Jenny for removing and cleaning stubborn acne and blackheads on my face. Luz Face Care Center is one of the best facial centers I have tried. Their facial care products really help a lot in treating my problematic skin.

I thought that day could be my luckiest day. After I got my face clean, I decided to go to Mixed Salon to do some hair fixtures. One of

chemically burned hair

the beautician offered me to rebond my hair. I just got there to have my hair trim. They are good in trimming hair that is why I was convinced to try their rebonding treatment without knowing that it will turned into disaster hair fixtures.

After few minutes, the beautician got a little bit shaky and offered me to wash my hair without finishing the rebonding treatment. Gosh! She burned my hair with chemicals. The chemical treatment that she put makes my hair burned and brittle. I do not know what to do; I try to control my temper. As she washes my hair I felt that there are lots of hairs falling.

The manager of the salon helps  fixing the problems; she used some creams to control the chemical burn. Luckily she made it. This was happened last night and  was a traumatic experienced for me. I still do not want to wash my hair till now because I’m afraid  losing my hair when I bathe it.

Duh! This was the biggest lesson for me. In three months’ time, I’ll be going to my regular salon who does my rebonding perfectly, it’s Headliners Salon which is  located in Bulacan, It was too far from my home but I would rather go there than wasting my time to get hair fixtures some other salon.


One thought on “Hair Fix Disaster at Mixed Salon!

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