It’s your day today Nanay!

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It’s Your Day Today Nanay!

You are the reason why I am here on earth. I have been through so much pain, suffered setbacks and few failures in life, tasted a million of bitter moments but it does not matter because I feel warmth inside my heart when  you are near.

Nanay, You are the reason why I am still here today.  I found my strengths in you and gave me the will to survive and live. You are the one who taught me to overcome circumstances to make the most what life will give. With your guidance, all my troubles turned into experiences from which I learned great things. Bitter moments turned sweet because you showed the love that only mother can give.

Nanay, I learned the power of prayer in you.. and the power of dreams too.. I learned to trust and keep my faith in God always. I love you Nanay, I am forever be thankful for having you and prayed that God will always blessed you.

Now that I have children too, with your love,  teachings and guidance, I am praying that I could be a great mom like you.

Happy Birthday Nanay.. Mahal ko  kayo ni Tatay!





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