Hearsay Judging

Do not waste your TIME to someone whom you love and trust but, JUDGED you for a HEARSAY coz’ those people are



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Cooking Sessions with my Daughter – Bago Leaves in Coco Milk

Often times, my daughter is  asking  for a  free time with my busy and hectic schedules.  I must admit of  having a guilt feeling for that. Recently, with so much pressures in work, I just realized that my life is not that healthy with several moments wasted for the benefits of others not knowing that I have missed several chances to be with my husband and my kids.

With the guilt feeling I have in my heart, I started to changed my everyday routine by arranging my busy schedules and making it sure to spend more time with my family every weekend.

My daughter loves to cook, she inherit it from me. This day, my daughter and I decided to cook something weird which my mother-in-law had brought from Cuenca, Batangas – the “Bago Leaves”. Actually, I have no idea of how it cooks but, some said it is best cook in coco milk. Oh well, that’s it! With my good instinct in cooking, my daughter and I have decided cooking it in a fusion-cooking-style. With a little magic, Ola! everything ends well… tastes well!

Bago Leaves in Coco Milk has a sweet mild taste. For me, it is better than a filipino traditonal cooking from one of the Bicolanian Specialty – the ‘Gabi Leaves in Coco Milk’. For those who are familiar with the Bago Leaves and have not yet try cooking it in coco milk, you must get into,  I am pretty sure you will loved the taste.



2 cloves garlic ( finely chopped)

1 large onions ( finely chopped)

1 large tomato ( finely chopped)

2 to 3 siling haba ( chopped into small pieces)

1 tbs. ginger (finely chopped)

3 table spoons of oil

1 teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon Magic Sarap

1/4 teaspoon pepper

1/4 chopped shrimp

1 1/2 cup pure coco milk

2 cups string beans (cut about two inches long)

1 big bowl fresh bago leaves (cut into strips)


1. Saute garlic, onion, ginger, siling haba and tomato into a pan on a medium stove heat.

2. Add the shrimps

3. Add the ground pepper, Magic Sarap and String Beans

4. Cover and Simmer for about 1 minute

5. Add the Bago Leaves and the coco milk

6. Cover and let it simmer for about 15 minutes in a very low heat.

7. Put it in a platter and serve it while hot.

I am what I am!

I Am What I Am
(written by wordsofwacko) 
I may not be good
But I am not bad.
I may not be happy
But I am not sad.I may not be kind
But I am not cruel.I am not a cheat
But I can try to be loyal.

I may not be honest
But I am not a liar.

I may not be a winner
But I am not a loser.

I may not be your friend
But I won’t be your enemy.

I may not console anyone
But I do show some sympathy.

I may not know how to love
But I don’t know how to hate.

I may not do things before time
But I am never late.

I may not be courageous
But I am not gutless.

Things may be difficult for me
But I am not hopeless.

I never give up on things
Without giving it a try.

Every situation to me is
A do-or-die.

I can’t care much about
How people feel I am.

All that I know is
I am what I am!!!

I love you Sir Chief!

For me,  Be Careful with My Heart was the most  exciting Philippine teleserye ever created. No boring moments with every scenes which inspires me  and brings good vibes in the morning before I start my day. Surely, you will be satisfied with the kilig-hit scenes of Sir Chief (Richard Lim) and Yaya Maya (Jodi Sta Maria). I salute the people behind this wonderful and fantastic teleserye. I strongly believed that  Be Careful with my Heart was now a No. 1 Daytime Program in the country. With that, I would like to congratulate all the cast and crew who makes an effort in creating a new-age fairytale kilig-hits daytime teleserye.

Two Thumbs up for all of you who makes my day complete everyday!

The Past

The Past

Such a long time ago we where together
I moved on and let you go
All that happened suddenly didn’t matter
Though at that time I loved you so

Since I’m back things have changed a lot
You got a new life and found new love
I’m no longer all you got
And I’m happy for you, though it’s tough

Sometimes I think what if then.
But I already know it’s no use
I do still miss the times when.
But I don’t want to think about the past, I refuse

I was so sure of myself I left it all behind
I was so sure I let go
So what are you still doing in my mind?
Sometimes I don’t know anymore

How come I wonder if you still love me?
I should be over you
How come I’m jealous of your lady?
Why do I hope you think of me too?

It’s been a year ago since I went away
Maybe I just miss the past
There is still so much to say
But it’s too late and time went too fast

And I have to accept the fact that it’s not the same anymore
But I have trouble thinking like that
And I have to accept that it’s not like before
But the past is so hard to forget

Weird thing is I don’t want you back, too much pain in the past
Though I miss you, I miss us forever
Weird thing is I can’t love u anymore I gave you all my best
But you won’t go from my heart, never

Written by Unknown

PayPal Safe and Most Recognized Form of Online Payment

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PayPal is designed from the ground up to be one of the safest ways to send money online. Unlike other financial institutions, our payments are sent without sharing financial information. In fact, PayPal never shares your financial information with or sells it to merchants.

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How It Works

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  • Step 1: Go to our Resolution Centre and open a dispute. (Note: Your dispute must be raised within 45 days of the payment date).
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Tip: If your purchase was made from a seller outside of your country, it may take longer for your item to arrive. Before you file a dispute or a claim, make sure you’ve left adequate time for delivery which could take several weeks, depending on where the seller is located.

How do I qualify?

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  • Purchase was made with PayPal as a payment method
  • Full price of item was paid in one single amount via PayPal
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What’s not covered?

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Other eligibility requirements and exclusions apply. See terms and conditions.

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Additional resources for sellers.

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